Tengiz Mirzashvili
Creation Year: 0000
Medium: oil on canvas
33x33cm (12,9"x12,9")
(1934-2008) The Honoured painter of Georgia. Works of this painter are exhibited in a collection of museums of Georgia, the State Museum of Arts, in the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Museum of people of the East and also in private collections of Russia, Austria, France, Germany, USA and other countries of the world. EDUCATION Tbilisi State Academy of Art EXHIBITIONS 2002-2007 Vernissage Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia 1998-1999 Vernissage Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia 1975 The State Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow, Russia 1987 Georgian Fine Art Retrospective Exhibition of 1950s, Artists House, Tbilisi, Georgia 1979 Georgian Social Book and e-stamp exhibition, Georgian National Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia WORKS ARE KEPT The Georgian National Museum, National Arts Gallery of Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia The State Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow, Russian Federation
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