Gallery "Cameo" was founded in 2005. It is Besarion Darjania's private gallery in Tbilisi (Republic of Georgia) old district, near the Metekhi bridge.

Gallery presents a permanent exhibition of Besarion Darjania's art, cameos on shell and mammoth tusk, (brooches, rings, earrings, bracelets and every cameo carving is totally hand-made), a variety of works by contemporary Georgian artists (painting, graphic, sculpture), applied and jewelry art - handmade porcelain, cloisonne enamel adornments (silver, guilded silver), Georgian master's handmade hunting knives, ceramics, wood carved works, small sculptures from bone, metal, pictures made by bird feather and other works of fine art.

Besarion's son Mikheil Darjania is a follower of the family tradition. Year 2005- graduated art school of Tbilisi art college.Year 2005-today Student of Georgia Technical University, Republic of Georgia, Faculty of Architecture and Design. Michael works on cloisonne enamel therewith.


  • Kote Darjania -
  • Michael Darjania -
  • Keti Kebuladze -

Persons wishing to purchase any artwork from exhibition must contact the gallery by e-mail, besides, the gallery accepts the orders in all kinds of art. The gallery provides a service in preparing the necessary documents for the export of purchased paintings. We offer worldwide delivery.

The originality of the gallery is as a making of a Portrait cameo (hand-made cameo) according to a persons fotograph, which is made by artist-craftsman Besarion Darjania using a seashell and mammoth avory (legal material) including cameos according to a customer's design. (Decorative cameos: the company logoes, Family-Arms, modern, historic and antique theme, significant events, themes from mythology and biblical events, historical heroes or rulers, images of gods and goddesses,decorative portraits,landscape, flowers, animals).

Gallery "Cameo" is interested in popularization of Georgian art, promotion of young talents as well as the Georgian cultural heritage.